AfroMoya : All African & Caribbean events in one go !

🗓️ AfroMoya : All African & Caribbean events in one go !

This month, AfroMoya launched its amazing website which is entirely dedicated to promoting African and Caribbean events for all of us !

As some of you may already know, Lisanga Vibes was selected as one of the brand ambassadors for this new event platform. Moya means Life in Kikongo, spoken in present-day Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and the Republic of Congo – Ancient Kingdom of Kongo.

They will offer a wide variety of events ranging from business conferences to entertainment being organised in ParisLondon and other European cities.

All our upcoming meet-ups, digital and physical, will be powered by AfroMoya. So, please be curious and go visit their pages on social media.

We are currently preparing the second anniversary of Lisanga Vibes which you cannot miss ! Stay tuned…


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