Afro’Pérojection 37 : Women’s place in hip-hop industry

LIKABA team and the panel : Pascale Obolo, DJ JP Mano, Lénaic Bladi (President of LIKABA), Marie (LIKABA member) et Fatima Elajmi

Afro'Pérojections of LIKABA are back !

Yesterday was the big return of LIKABA‘s Afro’Pérojections to Luxembourg and we attended the event for you.

Here are some highlights of this 37th edition which took place on April 19, 2024 at Ciné Utopia in Luxembourg.

The event always begins with an aperitif dinner to the colours of Africa!
So we enjoyed a good thiep, delicious mikate and good ginger juice to digest everything well.

The theme of this edition was “do women have their place in the hip-hop industry?”

We watched two documentaries: an episode of Ladies First, which is available on Netflix, as well as a documentary about the Paris 8 university and its history with hip-hop.

The screenings were followed by a debate with:

Pascale Obolo : Publication director of AFRIKADAA magazine, member of the collective of “non-aligned filmmakers” and member of the hip-hop group Ladie’s Night founded in 1988 in Paris ;
-️ DJ JP Mano : DJ, teacher and speaker for Juste Debout famous dance school ;
-️ Fatima Elajmi : Director of Belgian festival “La Belle Hip Hop”

Fatima Elajmi explained to us her motivation for organizing a 100% female international hip-hop festival to shine a light on those who bring this culture to life all over the world and use it to tell and share their life experiences.

During an interesting exchange between Pascale Obolo and DJ JP Mano on the place of female DJs in the hip-hop scene, the question of the difference in remuneration and the “lack of consideration” by their peers gave rise to divergent opinions.

Pascale Obolo notably explained that according to the figures published by SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music), there still exists a pay gap and DJ JP Mano also stressed that these figures probably do not include the fees which are paid “from hand to hand” in a more  informal way but progress is coming.

The debate also raised many other interesting points of discussion such as the difference between hip-hop culture (the 5 pillars) and its industry because the needs to market this culture sometimes result in marketing or strategic choices that do not necessarily reflect the fundamentals of this cultural movement.

Thank you to the speakers for the quality of this debate and to the LIKABA team for organising this wonderful meeting with a warm welcome.

You are truly “The Lux Afro Spot”️, continue to promote our Afro-Caribbean cultures in Luxembourg.

See you soon LIKABA team

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