Black women of Hackney stand with Diane Abbott

Black women of Hackney stand with Diane Abbott

Black women of Hackney subsequently organised a meeting last month at Hackney Town Hall to support her. We stand with Diane because she is a living legend and we must protect Black women at all costs.

For those outside the UK, please note that her main detractor said that she made him “want to hate all black women” and that she “should be shot”. The remarks are extremely abusive and racist. Diane is a living legend for us so when they attack her, this affects all of us.

At Lisanga, we curate content for women who identify as African or Black. So, when we hear stories like this, it really is heartbreaking for our team. It shows us how we can also get disrespected and humiliated publicly regardless of the quality of our work in society. Very sad.

What kept us going though is that we have seen at the rally how our community and its allies surrounded Diane with love on short notice.
Several community leaders and organisations attended and this has shown her that we share her pain and fully support her. Thank you to all organisers.

This event has led to a wave of positive actions in the community. We want to share with you above pictures which touch upon the situation.

The first one is the cover of Cocoa Girl Mag which celebrates Diane Abbott and the second one is artwork designed by Carleen De Sozer which illustrates for history the rally organised in Hackney to support her.
We are grateful to these strong black women for using their platform to show everyone how we love Diane and will forever stand with her.

Everyone should protect Black women at all costs but when they do not, we, Black women, stand for one another.

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