Charlotte Dipanda : The diva with a sweet voice

🎶 Charlotte Dipanda : The diva with a sweet voice

Charlotte Dipanda is one of Cameroon’s most talented singers and we decided to choose her as our monthly crush to finish 2020 with great finesse !

In her latest single ‘Coeur en cage’, she is singing with charming Congolese singer Singuila and they are both reuniting their voices to offer us this beautiful balade which sounds typically “Central African”. All of our lovers of pure Rumba will be pleased to listen to this selection !

The theme of this song is love and the title literally means ‘caged heart’. It talks about romancefalling in love and cherishing your loved ones. This is the perfect message that we want to send you for this year end.

For those of you who want to vibe and to party we also recommend her single ‘Quand tu n’es pas là‘ which is the perfect fit for this festive season. It mixes her sensual voice with a sweet seben which will surely take you out of your sofa to groove and shake your booty elegantly !

If you are discovering Charlotte Dipanda with this post, we highly recommend that you check out her work as we have no better words to describe it but ‘Listen for yourself’. She is amazing and deserves way more recognition than she already as !

We hope you will enjoy this recommendation as much as we did. Keep dancing and sharing the love around you.

Side note, we are preparing a playlist with our “Lisanga’s Crush” for you 🥰.

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