Cocoa Girl Mag : 1st UK Black Girl Magazine

Covers of Cocoa Girl Mag & Cocoa Boy Mag - Photo : Cocoa Girl Mag

Cocoa Girl Mag : First UK Black Girl Magazine is here

Cocoa Girl Mag, the first UK Black girls magazine has been launched this month and its first issue is sold out ! The community genuinely embraced this initiative created by Serlina Boyd to empower Black girls around the world. Its success gave birth to the brother version : Cocoa Boy Mag.

You can buy each issue at £3.99 or get the yearly subscription at £25 a year.
Next Girl’s issue has not yet been announced but for boys, you can pre-order the September 2020 issue. Buy here.

They are looking for little queens and kings to appear in the hair gallery section of the magazine. Please submit applications here.

We cannot wait to receive our copy and see all the pretty faces !

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