What is ‘The Crispy Talk Show’ ?


“The Crispy Talk Show” is the official talk show of Lisanga Vibes and it is accessible on YouTube.

Hosted by Marcy and recorded live, the show targets an audience curious to discover a variety of new faces from the African diaspora.

With this new format, a panel of experts or a special guest will be invited to discuss, deconstruct or explore various crispy topics with our audience.

Please expect lively and sometimes controversial comments as it makes the debate way more exciting !

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Taking part in ‘The Crispy Talk Show’ 

The Crispy Talk Show is an interactive platform always looking out for new stories, spicy topics and inspiring personalities from the diaspora to put under the spotlight.

You know someone who fits that description ? Or there is a specific topic you would like us to ‘crispy talk‘ ? Maybe you think that you are our next panellist ?

If you ticked any of the above boxes, please reach out to us and manifest yourself should you be interested to join the next Crispy Talk Show !
You can email us on info@lisangavibes.com and reference The Crispy Talk Show in the subject line !

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