É Qué Viva La Musica : Tribute to Papa Wemba

E Qué Viva La Musica : Listen to Papa Wemba ✨

Around The Tree, our official podcast, was launched last month to celebrate Congo’s 60th Independence Day.  The first episode explored the life and legacy of Congolese singer Papa Wemba, known as the King of Rumba, and we promised to release a playlist guide. So, here it is !

🎧 Playlist Guide to Papa Wemba

Congolese songs last in average 10-12 minutes, so you need a guide to navigate Papa Wemba’s music portfolio if you are not familiar with him and we happily curated one for you.

Organised by music genres, you will be able to identify quicker what speaks more to your taste but try to be curious as well as the list is not exhaustive.

The song Latin Lovers is a great example of his incredible musicality as it beautifully combines three music genres in less than 6 minutes ! Rumba RockRumba and even Salsa at the end are intertwined in this song. Maria Valencia is another incredible Rumba-Rock song which is Papa Wemba’s signature. Enjoy 😉

We recommend listening to the episode first if not already done ! Feel free to share this around you with family, friends and lovers of Africa.
🎙️ Podcast ~ Episode 1 : Papa Wemba, King of Rumba

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