Expo : “Warriors – Queens” in North London

Artwork by Nefateri | Exhibition Oct 2022

Expo | Warriors - Queens celebrates African history

Shades of Brown Art Collective is presenting to you this week an exhibition entirely dedicated to African Warriors and Queens in North London.

In this expo, the collective is bringing together beautiful artwork created by 4 wonderful Black female artists to provide you a semi augmented-reality experience of Black Art.

Curated by Nefateri, it includes artwork from Dionne Ible , Elaine Buchanan , Jay Percy and of course Nefateri herself. Each artist explores different material and creative techniques but all aspire to share an outstanding perspective on Black History.

This exhibition ends on Sunday 9 October, so go check it out if you can ! Here are some of our snaps for you.

🎫 Exhibition Tickets

📍Stokey Pop Up – 147 Stoke Newington High Street Ground and Basement Shop, London, N16 0NY

Artwork by Elaine Buchanan | Exhibition Oct 2022

For the preview night, the artists had also planned a fashion show which highlights some of the mixed creations navigating between art and fashion.

The guests saw a collection of garment and even jewellery worn by the artists themselves as well as a few additional models.

Capes, dresses, necklaces were amongst the items presented in front of the privileged audience.

For more information, please visit their social media page here

Fashion Show - Warriors Queens | Exhibition Oct 2022
Left to right : Nefateri, model, Elaine Buchanan, two models and Dionne Ible at the end

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