Les Mots d’Adriel : A beautiful story coming from Canada

Les Mots d'Adriel : A beautiful story coming from Canada

Les Mots d’Adriel is a beautiful book project which will come to life in 2021 ! The project started a year ago when its author Izhola Djembo, who is also the loving mother of young prince Adriel, decided to write the ‘most beautiful story in the world‘ as a book.

The story had been told in nursery school where it seduced many young princesses and princes as they were just about to enjoy a well deserved nap.
Montréal-based Izhola therefore decided to keep this story close to her heart without ever imagining that it would become a whole book the following year.

It touches on various values such as kindness, self esteem, identity and life purpose for an audience aged from 3 to 8 years old (and more for those of us who love cute stories !).

She has been working with illustrator Pauline Kerandel to design the book and it completed its fundraising campaign above the target yesterday ! Whoop ! Whoop !

The story is in French but we never know what it may become if the launch is successful. We cannot wait to receive our copy and invite you to visit their social media pages as well.

Les mots d’Adriel
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