LIVE STREAMING : The Crispy Talk-Show #2

The Crispy Talk Show #2 : Gastronomy & African flavours

The Crispy Talk Show is the official talk-show of Lisanga Vibes.

A special show has been prepared with the organiser of Best Chef Afrika the first African cooking TV-show ever produced in France and Europe. 

Nelson Nkanu will be joining us online from Paris. Best Chef Afrika is a cooking competition but also a label of excellence for African restaurants, we will learn all crispy details about the program from Nelson this week.

London family, this discussion will be in French and subtitles arranged after the live streaming so don’t worry ! For those of you who speak French, please see below details for the live. 

The second ‘crispy talk’ on the subject of “Gastronomy & African Flavours” is scheduled on :

 Thursday 27 August @ 7PM 🇬🇧 | 20H 🇫🇷 on YouTube & Facebook

Guest:     Nelson Nkanu ~ Co-organiser of Best Chef Afrika | Instagram 

Please expect lively and sometimes controversial comments as it makes the debate way more exciting !


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