LIVE STREAMING : The Crispy Talk-Show #4

The Crispy Talk Show #4 : Design, a combination of art and communication

The Crispy Talk-Show is the official talk-show of Lisanga Vibes.

This month, our discussion will be on the topic of Design and Art. Various guests living between France and the United Kingdom will join us for a crispy talk in French. London family, we will arrange for subtitles after the live streaming !

For those of you who speak French, please see below details for the live. 

The fourth ‘crispy talk’ on the subject of “Design, Combination of Art & Communication” is scheduled on :

London family, this discussion will be in French and subtitles arranged after the live streaming so don’t worry ! For those of you who speak French, please see below details for the live. 

The second ‘crispy talk’ on the subject of “Gastronomy & African Flavours” is scheduled on :

 Thursday 18 November 2020 @ 7PM 🇬🇧 | 20H 🇫🇷 on YouTube & Facebook


  • Ismaël N’dour ~ Graphic Designer & Founder of Ismacom  | Instagram | Website
  • Juvénal  ~ Artist Designer & Founder of Byjuv and 360branches | Instagram
  • Moera ~ 2D Animator, Storyboarder & Illustrator | Instagram
  • Marcy Massaki ~ Host & Founder of Lisanga Vibes | Instagram

Please expect lively and sometimes controversial comments as it makes the debate way more exciting !


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