Negritude Movement : What is it ?

La Négritude : What is it ?

La ‘Négritude’ was a literary and political Pan-african movement which was born in France in 1920s.

It is an important time to celebrate because our ancestors in the diaspora used the word Nègre* (French for the N-word) to empower themselves. Up until that point, it had only been used to diminish them.

Influenced by the Harlem Renaissance, this era not only produced some of the best books from our most famous poets and authors but it also united many Pan-Africanist politicians.

Their ideology later nourished the ‘Independence Movement’ throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Some authors for you to further your research : Aimé Césaire, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Paulette et Jane Nardal, Suzanne Césaire, René Maran

*This word is no longer used in our time as back then. So, be careful family !

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