October Gallery presents “LR Vandy: Twist”

LR Vandy: Twist - exhibition photo

October Gallery is presenting LR Vandy's second solo show called "Twist"

October Gallery is presenting LR Vandy’s second solo show called “Twist” which is on display until 25th May 2024.

This series magnifies the art of ropery as the rope sculptures are the big stars of this “dancing show”.

“Harlem Shake”, “Tango” or “Vogue” are some of the names that you will see as you visit the exhibition and it will be up to your imagination to do the rest. One thing is sure, there is a particular atmosphere when you walk into the room because it feels like you enter a party where the music has just stopped and all the dancers, fixed in their last position, are the sculptures…

Vandy was inspired by the book “Dancing in the streets” of Barbara Ehrenreich to  create this series which explores various dances in 3D and you can believe us although the sculptures are static as you move around them, you will see them dance and create movement around you.

LR Vandy: Twist - "Vogue"

Vandy was also inspired by African spirit dances which gave birth to carnival in the African diaspora. For instance, one piece is called Kumbo and is clearly related to the Kumpo dance practiced in Senegal and Gambia.

The use of ropes is also an interesting choice because of its controversial history both as an indispensable tool in construction from ancient times but also as an essential material in the maritime industry which contributed to the colonial history of slavery.

The way Vandy manipulates rope to give it a gracious and positive look in all its versatility is quite impressive. Yes, gracious because the rope sculptures are all female and they challenge the way in which women bodies are usually represented in art under a male gaze.

You will also see a few pieces from the Hull series which transform boats in beautiful masks interrogating here again their deep history with the building of empires and the transatlantic slave trade.

The exhibition is on for a few more weeks for free so please put it in your diary as it is definitely worth a visit!

LR Vandy: Twist - "Kumbo"
Video of Kumpo Dance

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