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The Lisanga Story

Having lived between Paris and London,
Marcy, the founder of Lisanga Vibes, realised that working in urban cities left little space for productive networking. She therefore decided to change that narrative in her own network when she started working on this project late 2018.


Lisanga 360° experience

On 18th January 2019, the first Lisanga was organised in her flat with 17 African women who greatly appreciated the experience.
The Lisanga 360° experience takes its audience into a different theme for each evening. We visit different cultures, we explore diverse subjects, we play, we discover a country, its food…

The Culture

Deeply passionate about African history, culture, and then loving to have debates,
Marcy wanted to create a safe space where opened discussions could take place within a group of like-minded peers.
Lisanga is her ambition to reconnect the diaspora with the motherland and promote African culture in its richness and diversity.

Our Values


We are committed in our hearts and minds to deliver the best in all we do.


We promote and share African culture within the diaspora in order to engage discussions on subjects affecting our community.


We aspire to build a space where Africans from the diaspora connect and network with one another on a personal level.


We embrace African culture in its entirety.
Our culture is very rich and its influence visible everywhere.


We organise events with high standards and ensure that our guests enjoy the best experience with us.

Our purpose

We are a safe space for the African diaspora where they can meet, learn, bond with like-minded people and enjoy the best of our cultures.

Recent events which shook our community have highlighted that now more than ever, we need to
be close to each other and caring about one another.

Based between Paris and London, our team is very conscious of language barriers.

We work daily in both English and French in order to bridge the language gap in our communities.

We firmly believe that knowledge is a powerful resource which must be shared with everyone.

Lisanga Team
Nicole, Sabrina, Céphora & Marcy (Left to right)
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