Our team


Passionate about Africa and its diasporas, Marcy is the founder of Lisanga Vibes.
She hosts all events and curates the blog to share her love for African cultures with everyone. 

events decor designer


With an incredibly natural sense of harmony, Céphora is the glam touch of our team. In charge of decorating our events, she makes us travel in a different vibe at each occasion.

events menu planner


As an absolute foodie, she is in charge of imagining the best meal combinations for our events by sourcing caterers, spotting trendy restaurants and suggesting flavours that are healthy ! 

community manager


Brilliant marketing student, she brings to the team a fresh touch and links us to the Next Generation.
She maintains the connection with our community digitally.

trends researcher


Very active behind the scenes, she looks out for the good content and right stories to tell. When a topic is trending, she will be on top of it and investigate. Otherwise, she conducts research for the rest of the team ! 



After being an amazing ambassador of Lisanga Vibes for one of our events,
she joined the team to offer to our members the best Lisanga 360° experience.

The Logo

Carefully designed by Ismacom, our logo is a full member of the team which encapsulates all our values and represents our identity in a very subtle way !

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