Pierre Christophe Gam pays tribute to Thomas Sankara

Hommage à Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara, the Upright Man, managed to increase the Burkinabè literacy rate from 13% (1983) to 73% (1987) by initiating nation-wide literacy campaigns.

Did you know that this incredible and inspiring revolutionary was also deeply feminist?

Under his presidency, women were given many opportunities in the political sphere as well the military. In support to Women’s rights, Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriages and polygamy were banned. Finally, all men were obliged to go to the market once a week to do the shopping in order to demonstrate that this is not only a woman’s duty.

Thomas Sankara refused to be alienated by receiving foreign “aid” from organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank. He knew that these “long term loans” are nothing but an eternal bondage to the West so as a strong believer in self-sufficiency and economic self-reliance, he built a railway and roads without them.
For being so successful at it, he was brutally killed 31 years ago.

“He who feeds you, controls you.” – Thomas Sankara

Artwork : Pierre Christophe Gam as seen at the exhibition Africa Centre, London

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