Podcast : Episode 3 – Onè, Respè, Libète !

Onè, Respè, Libète ! Let's go back 1804

Around The Tree is the official podcast of Lisanga Vibes and after a long break, we are pleased to release the first episode of 2021 !

For those of you who are new to the Lisanga family, it is a cultural podcast which explores Africa and its history, connecting the diaspora to its continent. It is recorded both French and English so that nobody is left out for each trip aboard Lisanga Airlines.

This new episode is entirely focused on the Haitian Revolution. It will take you back to 1804 with a different perspective on this key African historical event.
Listen to the podcast below

🇬🇧 #3 – Onè ! Respè ! Libète ! Let’s go back to 1804
🇫🇷 #3 – Onè ! Respè ! Libète ! Retour sur 1804

You can also find Around The Tree on Soundcloud and if you missed the first episodes, please check the following links and let us know your thoughts 😉

🇬🇧 Around The Tree – Podcast Playlist
🇫🇷 Autour De L’Arbre – Podcast Playlist

We really hope that you will enjoy this latest release and learn as much as we did about Ayiti.

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