Remembrance Day : Our interview with BlackPoppyRose’s founder

BlackPoppyRose : We will remember

We are in November and Remembrance Day is approaching so we decided to interview Selena Carty, founder of the BlackPoppyRose, to find out more about this beautiful initiative.

Lisanga Vibes : What is the BlackPoppyRose ?

Selena Carty : Growing up in the UK, most people are aware of the Red Poppy, which signifies British Remembrance, as celebrated by The Royal British Legion.

BlackPoppyRose fully supports the legacy of the red poppy, however, felt that as a member of the African/Black/West Indian/Caribbean/Pacific Islands & Indigenous communities it was important to highlight our contribution to world history globally.

The BlackPoppyRose is a symbol for us to remember not only the soldiers, but also the peoples, of African/Black/West Indian/Caribbean/Pacific Islands & Indigenous communities who contributed in any way for the War effort.

LV : How & when was this initiative born ?

Selena Carty : The project began in 2010, following the realisation that in a country that many African/Black/West Indian/Caribbean/Pacific Islands & Indigenous communities people call home, the history that represents us has been displaced over the course of time.

The BlackPoppyRose is a symbol of preserving legacies. A tool to start an overdue conversation about how we start to value our history and new cultures using the past as a reminder of how we have arrived here. 

LV : What is your vision ?

Selena Carty : African/Black/West Indian/Caribbean/Pacific Islands & Indigenous communities have consistently contributed to civilisation, even in the face of adversity and in spite of mankind’s most abhorrent treatment and atrocities against us. Throughout history, many of our generations have been displaced; our memories, our pain, our traumas and our losses are universal. Whilst we do not wish to focus on negative aspects of history, we feel that it is important that our ancestors are recognised for their dues, of which many lost their lives in the process.

We do not hide from any parts our History and use the Wars to educate and empower all communities.

LV : Tell us about you Selena, what is your heritage and where are you based ?

Selena Carty : I am first generation Black British. Born in Brixton in the year after the Brixton Riots of 1981. 
My parents & Grandparents etc. were born within the British Colony of Jamaica  before the 6th August 1962 where we gained Political independence. I grew up in Brixton and was educated all over London; Brixton, Mitcham, Raynes Park, Kingston & Westminster. 

LV : When is Remembrance Day ? Is it the same day for everyone in the world ?

Selena Carty : World War 1 came to an end on the 11th hour, on the 11th Day of the 11th Month 1918, after 4 years 3 months and 1 week. The war is remembered, however, the contributions made by all are not well known. Living within the former empires, we should know a lot more about the contributions made by all within the empires time of need. Today History continues to inspire and influence many actions made, without the fuller picture, how can real change ever be made ?

LV : What stories should we all absolutely know ? 

Selena Carty : Workers on land and the seas all gave their lives on all sides of this war. We fought, contributed and sacrificed all over the world.

African/Black/West Indian/Pacific Islanders Families, Men, Women & Children, Students, University Graduates, Doctors, Nurses, Healers and Herbalists, Factory Workers, Field Workers, Miners, Labourers, Musicians, Porters and Volunteers. 

LV : Where can we get Black Poppies and support your organisation ?

Selena Carty : To support us make your orders of BlackPoppyRose Pins & Wreaths.  You can also book us to deliver workshops, talks & presentations, courses, Military Family History searches and hire our exhibitions.

LV : What are your social plugs, where can we connect with you ?

Selena Carty : We are on all platforms with the following name @BlackPoppyRose: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube.
For more information please contact us:  or visit our website

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