The Book Corner #9: So Long A Letter

The Book Corner #9 : Mariama Bâ

Today, we are adding another novel to the corner!

This one is a classic of African literature 😍 Mariama Bâ, a pioneer feminist on the continent, used her talent with words to interrogate and criticise a society taboo which is called “polygamy” with elegance.
Her book describes with a lot of poetry the inner feelings of a woman who saw her whole world completely turned upside down when her hubby took another spouse !

Absolutely timeless, it is a must-read and if you heard about the hottest ‘tele-novela’ currently booming in Sénégal and across all of West Africa, you should be interested in this book because there is definitely a touch of Mariama’s influence in the synopsis. 😉 So, are you team Lalla or team Marème ? No spoilers in the comments please ! Thank you 😅

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