TV Hotspot : Blacks in France & the story of Bamboula village

📺 TV Hotspot : Blacks in France & the story of Bamboula village

1. Blacks in France

Tonight, French TV will broadcast the documentary “Blacks in France” by Aurélie Perreau and Alain Mabanckou at 9:10 p.m. You can watch an extract below, the film is narrated by Alain Mabanckou. In this trailer, this is a reconstitution of the famous “doll test” and the results are unfortunately always the same.

Our children need more positive images of themselves. Let’s work together to help them, let’s talk about it with them and also with specialists (historians, psychologists, childhood professionals and cultural associations) to change the situation.

The documentary has a collection of portraits from Blacks living in France having different jobs and coming from different generations to ensure diversity in the testimonials.

2. The story of Bamboula village (1994)

In the second part of the evening, the documentary “The village of Bamboula” will tell a dark and recent episode of human zoo in France in 1994. This shameful chapter of French history took place in a city very close to Nantes whose slave trade past is well known.

The term “Bamboula” is a derogatory term to refer to Black people in France and is mostly used as an insult. It actually comes from a traditional African dance.

The collective imagination of blacks in France does not fly high but it is our duty to explain these questions/problems to the younger generations. Let’s break the circle of negativity that affects self-esteem from kindergarten.

Here is an excerpt for those who do not know this case which seems unbelievable but is nevertheless very true.

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