Vidolé Books : Customisable African stories for the littles ones

Vidolé Books : Customisable African stories for the little ones

Vidolé books, les “Livres Vidolé” in French, are a very innovative way of consuming books for our little ones. Vidolé means ‘a child is wealth’ in Fon language spoken in Benin and Togo.

The project curates 15 adventures which all share informative content about African and Caribbean customs. Vidolé Books provides each buyer the possibility to select 10 of these lovely adventures in order to constitute their book !
You can also choose the main character and change everything from name and hairstyle to skin colour and clothing. If you want to be even more unique, you can send to their team a picture of your prince or princesse so that they create the main character from it.

Finally, you can include a personalised note in the book for your precious reader to feel very special when they will open it. This video (in French) explains everything in more details here.
Standard copies are available if you do not want to customise it and the company will work on English versions to be released as well.

Please keep an eye out on this amazing project as we will definitely hear more about them soon.
To customise a book, please visit their website below and of course check them out on social media.

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