We Say Their Names : Floribert Chebeya

Photo : Floribert Chebeya

We remember Floribert Chebeya

Today, we want to remember and honour Floribert Chebeya an incredible human rights activist who lost his life at the hand of police because of his work in the organisation the “Voice of the Voiceless” for 20 years.

He died because of police brutality in Congo 10 years ago today… May his soul rest in power.

We will not be contributing to the #blackout or #blackoutday2020 black screen chain, this is exactly what they want us to do.

To my black people family, we truly love you but let’s be smarter than this and not make it about a hashtag only. The struggle happens everyday and everywhere. Let’s build our community, let’s heal ourselves and prepare the future for our children. One love. ✊🏿

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