What is Lisanga ?

Lisanga means ‘gathering’ in Lingala,
one of the official languages of D. R. Congo. It is a safe space that
we created to encourage networking amongst the diaspora.
Please watch the above video to see how it looks !

What is it made of ?

Cultural exchange

The essence of our events is ‘Culture’.
There are many ways to be African
and we love to explore it as a family.
Our Blackness is our strength and
we share our experiences in a cosy atmosphere. 

Speed Networking

Each event kicks off with an ice breaker activity which usually takes the form of a ‘Speed Networking’.
We mix with new faces and catch-up with old ones.


The most exciting part in our events is probably the debate section where we discuss controversial, funny and spicy topics affecting our community.

Food Festival

There is no Lisanga event without food at the menu. 
We love enjoying some tasteful African and Caribbean meals.

Game nights

To relax the atmosphere and bond with each other, we also play as a family in our events. Blind tests, guesses, Jenga, Card games…


At Lisanga, we love creating memories. So when you come to
our events, be prepared to stop by
the photobooth and strike your best pose !

Our gallery

We always keep visual memories after each meet-up. 
Have a look at the gallery to discover our big family

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