Who was Carter G. Woodson ?

Who was Carter G. Woodson ?

  • 19 December 1875 – 3 April 1950
  • Historian, Writer, Scholar (United States)

Carter G. Woodson was a brilliant man who graduated from Harvard University at a time where people who looked like us were not ‘welcomed’.

Extremely intelligent, he completed a 4-year course in 2 when going to high school.
Known as the ‘Father of Black History’, he is the reason why we have ‘BHM’ today.

He knew early how devastating the lack of history was for African Americans so, he heavily lobbied in his time for ‘BHM’ to become ‘so normal’ today.

It all began as a week in 1926 and became a full month overtime. He is also wrote the book called ‘The Mis-Education of the Negro’. An excellent book…

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