Who was Thomas Sankara ?

👑 Politics : Who was Thomas Sankara ?

  • 21 December 1949 – 15 October 1987
  • First President of Burkina Faso, Pan-African Revolutionary, Feminist

President Thomas Sankara was a revolutionary who lived up to his political ideals.
Extremely humble and close to the masses, he worked hard during his entire life to accomplish his dream of Panafricanism for Africa.

In 4 years, he started an anti-imperialist movement and popular revolution in his country. It was renamed ‘Burkina Faso’ which means ‘the Land of Upright People’ and various measures of vaccinations, literacy and construction were later implemented with great success.

As an advocate for women’s rights, he was very fair and even created a ‘market day’ for men only.

His motto : “Homeland or death, we will win !”

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