Who was Walter Rodney ?

👑 Politics : Who was Walter Rodney ?

  • 23 March 1942 – 13 June 1980
  • Historian, Panafrican Scholar Leader and Writer (Guyana)

Walter Rodney was one of our brightest scholars and intellectual minds from the 20th century. As a Pan-Africanist activist, he conducted extensive reserch on the subject of pre-colonial Africa and analysed in depth the. consequences of the Maafa and colonialism on our continent and its diaspora.  

Walter Rodney was a great lecturer who was extremely connected to the masses and loved to share his knowledge in the most simple ways.
For example, in Jamaica he built a very close relationship with the Rastafarian community by giving them open-air history classes for free.

He wrote several powerful books which provide a detailed account of the economic and structural issues connected to racism and colonialism.

Recommended book : How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

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